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Greg S.

Sharon is amazing at what she does and is a pleasure to work with. I worked with Sharon for some resume revamp and career counseling.

Sharon did an amazing job at listening to my past work experience and probing, asking all the right questions to glean the information she needed to craft a resume that superbly represented who I am, what I have accomplished and what my future aspirations are.

 Can’t say enough great things about Sharon!

I thought you did a great job.  You provided a warm and empowering start to the conference that I really welcomed. 

It made an easy start to our day and set the tone.  I think it helped people engage with us in the subsequent sessions because it helped us all be more mindful about what we are doing and what we can choose not to do.  

Feeling of Balance



This message was exactly what I needed to hear in the April of a full year of teaching through a pandemic. Thank you!

I was inspired to take action!

The strength of the presentation was the obvious passion the presenter had for the topic.

Great tips!

Feeling of Balance 

Uniquely You

What set's you apart from others?  It's always challenging to write your own resume since we tend to lose perspective on what we do and have done that sets us apart.  

An objective "set of eyes" can help you present your best professional self.  I work with you to understand your unique skills, talents, and accomplishments, as well as where you'd like your career journey to take you.  Many job seekers undersell themselves and I will work with you to identify and spotlight your strongest skill sets and write a contemporary resume showcasing what makes you "uniquely" you!

Having a well-written resume is a proactive and empowering step on your journey to be your best self!

Sharon F. Goldstein, M.S., CPC


In her nearly 25-year career in recruiting, staffing, and career development, Sharon has prepared and placed 1000 + individuals into meaningful jobs, internships, and careers.  From resume writing, to interview preparation, and career exploration, Sharon provides her clients with the tools needed to realize their professional aspirations.


As a leadership coach, she works with her clients to identify challenges, recognize obstacles, and remove roadblocks standing in the way of personal and professional success.


Sharon's passion for self-discovery and exploration has provided her with a deeper understanding of what balance is, what it looks like, and most importantly, what it "feels" like, and led to the creation of “Feeling of Balance.” Delivered via workshop or keynote, this unique approach is a practice in self-discovery.  Balance is the outcome of a number of key factors that once uncovered, can be acknowledged, and addressed, and result in a more peaceful and balanced life.


Cara M.

Thank you so much, this is wonderful!  I appreciate the quick turnaround on this!  Amazing you can pull all that together from a conversation!

Sara M. 

I had a great experience with Sharon rewriting my resume. She was extremely detail-oriented, friendly, and precise with me while going through the entire process.

My new resume is a huge improvement from before and it's all thanks to the way Sharon wrote my story! Highly recommend!

Deb R. 

I just wanted to take the time to thank you so much for all of your assistance and also thank you for the absolutely wonderful job you did on my resume. 


It looks great and I couldn't be happier with it.



Sharon F. Goldstein, M.S., CPC


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